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Typography check

This page just for reviewing the style of the site as we develop it.

In the vastness of space, far and wide, 
Our astronaut drifts, with stars as his guide. 
Exploring new worlds, so bold and so grand, 
In his handbuilt spaceship, across the cosmic land.

Survival Gear (h3, dl)

Space Suit

A suit that's quite tight, for space walks so bright.

Oxygen Tank

For breathing in space, it ranks top in its place.

Food Capsules

Though not quite gourmet, they keep hunger at bay.

Photo of Earth

A reminder of home, wherever I roam.

Galactic Menu (table)

Moon MacaroonsSweet, with a hint of crater crunch.
Asteroid AlmondsCrunchy, with a side of space dust.
Galaxy GelatoCreamy swirls of starlight and nebula nuggets.
Comet CookiesCrumbly, with streaks of cosmic sugar.

Space Supplies Checklist (ul)

  • Stellar Map - For navigating the cosmic seas.
  • Gravity Boots - To keep feet grounded to the ship.
  • Robot Companion - For company during long, lonely voyages.
  • Telescope - To gaze upon distant worlds and dream.

Todo list (ol)

  1. Fluff the space bunnies
  2. Start limboing the space sharks
  3. Assign wrenches to the space monkeys

Some code (pre, h4)

# build the theme
cd web/themes/custom/fstheme
npm ci


"Oh, how I miss the Earth's food, so diverse and so neat, A flavor, a memory, that none can beat. Through the silence, I flies, under infinite skies, A journey of heart, where adventure never dies."