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About / Mission

Free Sauce is an idealistic Drupal agency, one that might exist if there was Universal Basic Income. To compensate for being purpose-driven, we try to run light with the ability to pivot. Our goal is to support other businesses and we think it will work out.


Free Sauce Pty. Ltd. is an Australian based business that is 100% owned by Simon Hobbs. We don't have any formal statutes (yet) but you can take a snapshot of this page if you like.


  • Si (Melbourne) works as a Drupal consultant/developer and manages finance, sales and (oh no) brand.
  • Tan (Hanoi) has over 10 years on Drupal and works on client projects and tech leads Vietnamese contractors as required.

Open source

Open source comes from creativity. Open source culture is about passing down knowledge. In many cases you can make a living from it, so that's good too.

We focus on working with open source as defined by the OSI.

Collective focus

We aim to work as a collective to work on larger things with more people.

Low overheads

We try to keep things simple and avoid taking investment. The goal is to be billable, cover costs, and then take profit. Having a nimble structure also allows us to pivot.

Work with us

We are hiring in Vietnam; if you're an ambitious open source Drupal developer then please reach out.

If you have an idea that you want to express through the prism of a self-important open source web company, I would need to hear the idea.